Chipolo classic | Black

Chipolo classic | Black



Chipolo Classic is a Bluetooth item finder that connects to your smartphone via a clever little app. Download the free Chipolo app, attach a Chipolo to your valuable item and you are ready to go. Nothing is lost! Locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing your missing item using Chipolo's Range Meter. With 92 decibel melody they are easy to hear rooms away. Chipolo is the worlds loudest Bluetooth tracker. Still cant find it, then track via Chipolo Network GPS. Check the map for the last place you had it. Thats not all - let Chipolo find your phone! Double press your Chipolo to make your phone ring, even if your phone is in silent mode. Use Chipolo to track and find your phone, keys, laptop, backpack, wallet, handbag and even your pet!

Chipolo CLASSIC is the original Bluetooth finder that connects to your smartphone to help you find your belongings. We now have Chipolo Classic Version2, an upgrade of our popular previous model, for those who prefer a replaceable battery.

Range. 60m - line of sight
Thickness. 5mm
Size. 3.5cm ø
Water Proof. No
Battery Life. 9 months replaceable
Compatibility. Compatible with iOS 9 and later, and devices running Android 4.4 and later.