Kereru | Bone White
Kereru | Bone White
Kereru | Bone White

Kereru | Bone White


(Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) is a endemic bird, Māori call it kererū in most of the country but kūkupa and kūkū in some parts of the North Island, particularly in Northland. Kereru is the only surviving New Zealand bird since the moa with a beak that can open wide enough to swallow native fruits greater than 12 mm in diameter, such as tawa, taraire and karaka

Each Ceramic Piece looks great on its own, or as a collection of pieces creating 3D wall Art


WIDTH: 18.0cm
HEIGHT: 18.0cm
DEPTH: 10.0cm
WEIGHT: 650.0gm

About the Artist 

Coming from a background in the handcrafted pottery tradition of New Zealand Bob offers handmade sculptural ceramic tiles that capture the essence of Aotearoa’s fauna and flora (plant and wildlife in New Zealand).