Deodorant | Spearmint & Lime
Deodorant | Spearmint & Lime
Deodorant | Spearmint & Lime

Deodorant | Spearmint & Lime


Formulated without baking soda or aluminum

All skin types

Prevent odour & lessen sweating

Glow is a gentle solid deodorant bar for all skin types. Helps prevent body odor and lessen sweating. Our deodorant is made without aluminum and baking soda. Glow is formulated with a mix of aloe vera, bamboo and yeast, horsetail and sage extract. This Glow Solid Deodorant is infused with spearmint and lime for a refreshing feel. Why do we use these ingredients?

- Aloe vera gives a lovely, soothing feel whilst helping irritation, keeping the arm pits happy!
- Bamboo is extremely absorbent, as it 'mops' up sweat which means there is nothing for bacteria to munch on and make smelly
- Yeast extract is the deodorising compound, that targets specific bacteria which cause odor and eliminating them whilst still allowing beneficial to flourish
- Horsetail and sage extract as they are clinically proven to reduce sweating

"This is the best deodorant I've ever tried. And my husband loves it too. I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised. Great fresh smell. Highly recommended." - Mon

After a sweeter smell? Check out our Glow solid deodorant in Lavender & Vanilla.

Weight: 70g