Necklace | Small Toki

Necklace | Small Toki


A very powerful symbol of strength, courage and leadership, the toki (triangle) is symbolic of the axe to the Maori People of New Zealand. The axe was traditionally used to fight, to show status and to present power, but now is given as a symbol of strength in the face of adversity and bravery.

This beautiful triangle pendant necklace is created from Recycled Rimu wood (native New Zealand timber) embedded in coloured bio-resin. It is a short, delicate acute triangle shape which measures approximately 2 inches (5cm) long and approximately 2 inches (5cm) at it’s widest (the base). This pendant features a sterling silver chain (45cm)

The resin can be either translucent (see-through as pictured) or opaque (solid colour) and there are a number of colour options available, for example blue, sea-glass green, yellow and pink

These pendants are hand made each piece  be slightly different in terms of the wood size and shape, grain and texture. All efforts will be made to create a pendant as close to that pictured as possible, but it is important that you understand that there will be some differences. In addition, the process of making these pendants results in some bubbles being present in the resin. This is normal and helps to make each piece individual and tell it’s own story.