Repair | Essential Daily Superpowder
Repair | Essential Daily Superpowder
Repair | Essential Daily Superpowder

Repair | Essential Daily Superpowder



Essential Daily Superpowder with Australian Hemp Seed Protein + for recovery, energy and radiance

Our Essential Daily Superpowder REPAIR is a complete plant-based protein that contains cold-pressed Australian hemp seeds to help support muscle repair, normal bone health, and naturally radiant skin.

Our single-origin Superpowder contains all 20 amino acids for optimal bio-availability and digestion, and is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Tasting Notes:

REPAIR has a natural taste and a dark green pigment which works well in smoothies, juices or your favourite recipes.


  • 300g
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Made from 100% Australian ingredients

Our organic hemp protein is cultivated in Tasmania, Australia. The hemp plant is harvested by hand and the protein-rich seeds are carefully removed and hulled. In small batches, the seeds are cold-pressed to preserve the active ingredients and milled into a fine powder.

Hemp is a safe and sustainable crop that requires very little water, helps to enrich the soil with its deep roots, and requires no pesticides or herbicides in its farming. The cultivation of industrial hemp in Australia is vital to help reduce pollution, conserve precious water resources and to improve soil quality.

While we recommend consultation with your local healthcare practitioner for tailored advice, all of our products are safe for use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Blend 1 tbsp with your morning smoothie, enjoy with nut milk or add to muesli.