Soy Melts | 6 Pack

Soy Melts | 6 Pack


Each Soy Melt is hand poured with pure soy wax infused generously with fragrance and essential oil blends to release up to 30 hours of aroma. They may be little, but they are highly fragranced and offer great value for money. Place one Soy Melt in oil burner top and light a tealight underneath. The Soy Melt liquefies and the scent envelops the surrounding space.

Depending how you feel, you can swap by simply popping out one that has solidified (to be used again later) and melting a different one - you could have one for every day of the week!

Fragrance Blends

Pinot Noir - Fruity                                                                          

Champagne & Cassis - Fruity

White Lilly - Floral/Oriental 

Passion & Guava - Fruity 

Dimensions (tube of 6): 130mm x 48mm

Hand poured luxuries made in New Zealand.