Tube Watch | Steel

Tube Watch | Steel


Designer Piet Hein Eek's starting point for the Tube Watch was a tube and an extrusion ring. Extrusion moulding is a technique involving forcing aluminium, or paste, through a mould, and the extrusion profile gives the material its shape. Piet devised a ring like this for the design of the watch face.

The precisely cut ring, met with high quality metals and simple black leather band, gives the Tube Watch its refined, yet tough and industrial character.

Lens: Mineral glass
Movement: Japanese Miyota 2035 - 3 hand
Water resistance: 5ATM/50 metres
Push/pull crown with diamond cut teeth
Black leather strap
Instruction manual
Two-year warranty
Material: 316L stainless steel with leather strap
Black finish: IP matt black
Brass finish: lightly brushed IP brass
Steel finish: lightly brushed stainless steel

Dimensions: 4.2cm diameter case, thickness: 1.1cm