Serving spoon | Olive wood
Serving spoon | Olive wood
Serving spoon | Olive wood

Serving spoon | Olive wood


This Asili x Citta Olive Wood Serving Spoon is skilfully carved from reclaimed olive wood and celebrates the unique beauty and character of the wood grain.

This mindful process filters traditional techniques and natural materials through a contemporary lens to create a modern artefact - something timeless yet new, ready to be cherished in your home.

A collaboration between Asili and Citta.

Made from 100% Reclaimed Olive Wood, this wood is sustainably and ethically sourced and produced within a fair trade environment.

Each piece helps to support the artisans, their family and communities in East Africa.

Asili offers the design community assurance of integrity.

Size: 28cm high

Care: Handwash only. Do not soak; wood is porous and will soak up water which may cause the wood to crack when it dries.

Do not store in direct sunlight as this may cause warping and discoloration.

Wood is a natural product and will mark/burn in contact with high heat/flames.