Soap | Shaving Bar

Soap | Shaving Bar


Simple wrapped shaving soap bar formulated specifically for use with a brush (although not essential!). Our goat milk shaving soap produces a dense and stable lather which lubricates the skin for the smoothest shave and leaves your skin feeling beautifully moisturised. It forms a protective barrier between the skin and razor blade – essential for anyone who practices wet shaving. Standard cleaning soaps are unable to provide the same sort of protection as this specialised shaving bar.

As is to be expected from Aermeda, this artisan shaving soap is all natural – chemical and paraben free and contains no palm oil.

Containing only natural ingredients, this  artisan shaving soap is good for the environment and your skin. Naturally biodegradable, each bar is plastic-free and sustainable, making it a zero-waste item that is kind to the planet.

Shaving soap weight 125g