Small Ribbonwood Flower | Soda Turquoise

Small Ribbonwood Flower | Soda Turquoise


Sculptural interpretation of the Ribbonwood Flower. For use in a wall art composition or alone, the Ribbonwood (Hoheria lyalli) has small flowers (about 1 cm in nature) and form clusters in large numbers. The trees occur on mountain slopes in the South Island.

The Ribbonwood flower has been made in three sizes. They hang on the wall but look equally impressive on a table
alone or in groups.


WIDTH: 12.0cm
HEIGHT: 12.0cm
DEPTH: 10.0cm
WEIGHT: 250.0gm


About the Artist 

Coming from a background in the handcrafted pottery tradition of New Zealand Bob offers handmade sculptural ceramic tiles that capture the essence of Aotearoa’s fauna and flora (plant and wildlife in New Zealand).